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Kate was born and raised in the UK. Surrounded by water on all sides, she learnt to swim and sail as soon as she could. From an early age she witnessed many disparities in our human world – and began searching for the places where change was happening, for the better. She has worked in safe houses for women and children experiencing domestic violence, adults with learning difficulties, schools, a child abuse study unit, with young offenders, young girls working on the streets and as a consultant for the UK police force, National Unions and NGO’s. She has a degree with honors in Psychology and a Masters in Women’s Studies with focus on epistemology leading her to carry the question of what do we do with what we know. For 15 years, Kate lived in one of the most progressive communities in the world and held a focus on educational programs and consultancy for communities in conflict areas, fundraising, global networking, organizing and public relations. One of her main roles was organizing and walking Pilgrimage, through Israel and Palestine, Colombia and Europe, as a way of empowering social action and re-discovering our potential as agents of change. In 2012 Kate founded Walking Water – a pilgrimage with the waters – as a way to inspire us to be in community, be in relation with the waters and the places we live and ultimately to experience the huge potential we all have to create change. Walking Water already has a strong global following and is seen as a model in social action. Kate is a member of the Beyond Boundaries team, a Council carrier and community consultant and has recently joined the Weaving Earth team in California.

Standing Rock

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Walking Water will be praying with Standing Rock on December 04th ..... with the waters and those who commit their lives to protecting them .....

Walking Water Traces Path of Vanished Rivers

By |October 31st, 2016|Walking Water|

Walking Water is a "fervent prayer and pioneering social action" that began last September in eastern California, continued last month, and will conclude in the fall of 2017. The "water" the participants are calling attention to is now mostly a memory, for the rivers and creeks of this Eastern Sierra valley were conscripted in the [...]

Walking Water Sister Events

By |October 2nd, 2016|Walking Water|

Week one of Walking Water is complete, and today we closed our first cycle with gratitude, grief and joy for our water and world. As we walk through the Owens Valley, bearing witness to the land and water, meeting people from different facets of the complex web of local water issues, we keep aware of [...]

The New Water Paradigm

By |September 10th, 2016|Learn More|

"The New Water Paradigm is a paradigm of Natural Water Management. It results in a Global Action Plan of Regenerative Ecosystem and Climate Restoration which has been described by Michal Kravčik. It involves the mobilisation of millions of people in hundreds of thousands of decentralised water management projects worldwide. These diverse projects all have the [...]

A Walker’s Personal Story – Brendan Clarke

By |April 22nd, 2016|Walking Water|

Brendan Clarke participated in Phase 1 of Walking Water both as walker and part of logistics team. Here is a personal account of some of his experiences walking along that path. WATER IN THE WEST The Owen’s Valley: Small Story Meets Big Story I will begin with good news. Owen’s Valley is beautiful, and Los [...]

Water, People, Place – Walking Water 2016

By |April 7th, 2016|Walking Water|

As we step fully into the preparations for Phase 2 of Walking Water it seems a good moment to evaluate and clarify what it is we are intending to do. Over the last 4 years of gradually bringing Walking Water to life the pool of people responsible and holding its vision has grown tremendously. It [...]

Locals Reflect on Walking Water Experiences

By |October 15th, 2015|Walking Water|

Lydia Gonzales of the Lone Pine Paiute Shoshone Tribe poses for a portrait after walking three miles with Walking Water. Lydia wanted to join the walk even though she didn't know any of the other participants. Photo by Jasmine Amara Tracking the extensive issues that revolve around water in the Owens Valley can [...]

Walking Water Event Reaches Bishop

By |September 14th, 2015|Walking Water|

After two weeks of walking, from Saddleback Lake to the Bishop Paiute Tribe’s Cultural Center, roughly two dozen hearty souls and their mission, elevating awareness of water issues both globally and in California, were hosted to a meal and a panel discussion Thursday evening. Activists from Europe to South Africa as well as Inyo and [...]

Week One: Report from the Field

By |September 7th, 2015|Walking Water|

It has been an amazing first week of Walking Water! Thirty-five pilgrims from around the world awoke on a beautiful clear morning at Cattleguard campground outside of Lee Vining, September 1st. We were joined by many from the local community for the opening ceremony, a strong time as a diverse crowd gathered in support of [...]

From the Ojai Valley News

By |September 4th, 2015|Walking Water|

Today Ojai Foundation president Laura Whitney, together with 34 people from around the world, will walk ten miles of a 200-mile pilgrimage from Mono Lake to Owens Lake to raise awareness about California's water problems and possible solutions. The three-week pilgrimage, called Walking Water, started Aug. 31 and will follow some of the natural and [...]