Big Pine Paiute Tribe, Owens Valley, California

The Big Pine Paiute Tribe of the Owens Valley annually celebrates in the Fall with a Fandango Festival. Fandango is a time to come together in gratitude for the blessings provided to our people. Our community keeps this tradition alive with prayers, dances, contests, a feast and sharing. This year the Tribe decided on the theme “Paya is Life” to recognize and celebrate the blessings of having water for all of life.

We have lived in Payahunaduu since time immemorial and have been defined by the waters which flow as runoff from the Sierra. Our people are very happy to be connecting the Fandango to Walking Water because we hold a parallel hope of seeing humanity act in a manner which provides water for all. ¬†We hold that all things are connected and by providing water for all…we strengthen life for all.

Images of the Big Pine Tribal Demonstration Garden and map of the location overplayed on early mapping of original Piaute waterways before large scale colonization.