Walking for Water in and through Stellenbosch

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Report of Eerste River Water Walk by Geoff Dalglish The exploratory Eerste River Water Walk ended on a high note in Stellenbosch on Saturday, September 29. The event was warmly embraced as a celebration of the magnificence of Mother Nature and her lifegiving waters. This despite a tense atmosphere of political unrest, demonstrations and intimidation [...]

Walking with local waters

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A short report of 'Walking with local waters' Hosted by Black Mountain Circle, Point Reyes, California An important element of Walking Water is the story of relationship between the local and the global. What happens on a local level impacts the global and vice versa. Thus we are inspired to connect with our local waterways, [...]

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Crystal Geyser in hot water for secretly disposing of arsenic-filled waste Desert Sun, July 24th 2018 Bottled water giant Crystal Geyser has been charged by a grand jury with 16 counts of violating environmental and hazardous waste laws, after the jury viewed evidence that the company improperly disposed of toxic waste, a Department of Justice [...]


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Take a look at this slideshow comprising selected images of the 3 year journey, with music and voice for some of the walkers.

For the Love of Water

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  FLOW - For the Love of Water   Water needs us to collaborate, to share, to pray, to co-create community, to sing and keep talking about our relationship and love for water ... FLOW events are intended to offer community space to be with that relationship. Here is a short report of our first [...]

Kingfisher Sky Art Video

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In October 2017 Walking Water joined with participants from three Los Angeles Schools to form a beautiful kingfisher image on a school field along the LA River. The kingfisher is a bird that is emblematic of a healthy watershed. In the form of a giant living painting, the bird became an embodied prayer that we become [...]

The Art of Listening and Questioning

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"Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something that you don’t believe is right" --Jane Goodall, primatologist, anthropologist and UN Messenger of Peace   Walking Water has been an epic three-year, 880km journey made up of many millions of footsteps, countless questions and a determination to listen, [...]

a letter of reflection

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Lia Bentley 25 years, New York. Walking Water logistics. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ of whatever otherness holds it merging, emerging in circles i hear humility   intelligence of dew this was spoken earlier.   Dear community, I’ve recently returned from several weeks in Los Angeles with Walking Water, a pilgrimage and education project designed with the intention to [...]

Showcasing a Healthier and more Sustainable Future

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‘Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean’  Ryunosuke Satoro, Japanese writer and poet   Want to be inspired? Then how about a visit to the award-winning TreePeople conservation charity nestling high on a ridge in Coldwater Canyon Park in the very heart of Los Angeles.   Here you’ll see how we can [...]

Watershed Remarks by Christina Noonan

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Prepared Remarks for WATERSHED (the day-long Inquiry with Walking Water and TreePeople), from Christina Noonan, Member of the DWP Board of Commissioners.   At the request of Commissioner Noonan, These remarks were read to the assembly by Andy Lipkis, during the "New Story" round table of WATERSHED: Water is our most precious resource. It is what [...]