Tarun Bharat Sangh: Water Literacy Campaign

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“NATIONAL WATER CONVENTION FOR DROUGHT FREE INDIA” Respected Friends, Greeting! India has been experiencing severe impacts of natural calamities very frequently. Floods and droughts cause havoc on unpredicted scale resulting in human misery and economic loss. While there are natural factors which cause these devastations, human interference in functioning of nature has aggravated the situations. [...]

PRECIPICE Radio Interview with Annie Levin and Kate Bunney

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On this talk radio episode Annie Levin interviews Kate Bunney, the Coordinator and a Core Team Member of Walking Water. Currently in its third year, Walking Water seeks to bring together the many Peoples of the Eastern Sierra and Los Angeles watersheds to address “current and emerging critical issues of water worldwide.” Click here to listen to [...]

Walking Water featured in Intrepid Explorer Magazine

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Click here to read Geoff Dalglish's featured article about Walking Water in Intrepid Explorer Magazine!

Walking Water selected as Project of Promise by Kosmos Journal 2017

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Honored to be selected by the Kosmos Journal as a 2017 Project of Promise. Take a look here to see more on Walking Water and four other great projects.

World Water Day March 22

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Remembering and celebrating water as a life giving force on March 22. Click here for more information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa9-M3wIJnI  

Standing Rock

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Walking Water will be praying with Standing Rock on December 04th ..... with the waters and those who commit their lives to protecting them .....

Walking Water Seeks a Softer Approach

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After 100 years of often angry conflict and confrontation, a gathering of local and international water activists are poised to present a softer, more personal approach to the battles over water and resources that have linked the Owens Valley and Southern California since the early 1900s. About 50 people will come together in the Eastern [...]