The Friends of the Brazos, Texas 
The Friends of the Brazos will walk in Solidarity with our friend and supporter Krystyna Jurzykowski, and all those who she joins in this extended Walking Water journey, on Saturday, October 28th.

We will celebrate the culmination of our ten year fight with the Brazos River Authority contesting their permit to sell 1 million acre feet a year out of the Brazos and into the fracking fields.  We spent over $250,000 merely asking the River Authority and the Texas Council on Environmental Quality to follow Texas State Law that requires permittees to show that there will be enough water left after water sales to flow to the Gulf of Mexico, and provide enough water for fish and wildlife to survive.  TCEQ reduced the amount of water to be sold out of the river by 400,000 acre feet per year.

As Walking Water celebrates the end of their inaugural  journey, following water from source to city, we will celebrate the end of contested relations, as we work towards working in partnership with the Brazos River Authority rather than in opposition.  We will pray in gratitude for the work that Walking Waters has accomplished in bringing stakeholders together and have a moment of silent gratitude that we can experience a wild river, and dip our toes into flowing water.  We will do this on the banks of the Brazos on the land of Jane Vaughn, in whose name the Brazos River Authority’s permit was contested.