Walking Water is about community, it is about us coming together to steward the resources we have, to empower us to simultaneously live locally and globally. Walking Water touches on all of our lives and is there to reveal that story.

Walking Water lives from all of our involvement, whatever form that may take. What we offer, share, exchange and give is valued. There are many ways to get involved in Walking Water. Here are just a few examples and if you have other ideas please let us know.

  • You can join the team – take a look at our Volunteers page to see what skills are needed.
  • Educators and Council facilitators are welcome to support Walking Water coming into schools, youth programs and community events.
  • Organize your own Walking Water event wherever you are in the world. Visit Talking Water to find out more.

Walking Water is organized primarily by volunteers. If you feel you would like to give some of your time to creating the project then please let us know. Learn More >

Walking Water is about inspiring us to talk about water, share our stories, listen to the stories before us, and change our behavior in ways that create sustainable practices for all. Learn More >