Friends of Alakir River will walk in solidarity this year on September 23rd along the Alakir River.

A message from the group:

“The latest situation in Turkey in terms of environmental protection looks grimmer by the day. After the failed military coup attempt in July, the government declared a state of emergency. Since then the parliament has approved a number of governmental decrees, one of which carries critical importance. Article #80, as it is known to the public, provides huge benefits to companies seeking to invest in mining, hydropower and other destructive industries that harm the natural habitats of the country, including tax exemptions and laxer environmental regulation.  The article also blocks many of the legal mechanisms and rights of resistance that have been vital for social opposition. Today, defending nature and the lives of all beings in nature is more difficult and more dangerous now than ever . But we are far from giving up: the environmental movements from all around the country have come together to raise the struggle against this attack. The struggle continues/la lucha continua/la lute continue/…”


Friends of Alakir River are a community of volunteers who lead fully sustainable lives in the Alakir Valley, while carrying out legal and grassroots forms of activism in order to protect the natural wealth of the Valley.

FAR (The Friends of Alakir River) cover the expenses of their struggle with the sales of the album called Alakir’in Sesi” (The Voice of Alakir) composed by volunteer artists, and other artistic efforts.

The valley, home to countless fauna and flowers, is 20 km wide and 70 km long, and spreads from the Kumluca district in Antalya to the Mediterranean sea.

From the water source of The Alakir River to the coast, 8 river type hydroelectric plants have been designed one after another. Four of them have already been completed and are in operation. From the rest, one of them is in construction, two of them are awaiting the environmental impact assessment report and the other is in project development phase.

As with all completed hydroelectric plants, since the rivers water gets transported in pipes over kilometers, and only leaves 10% sap to the bottom of the valley, all life in the valley has already been greatly damaged.

Alakir Valley has been approved by the state council as a Grade 1 Natural Site Area to be protected under law. However, since the decision has not been registered by the ministry, the developers are daily continuing the destruction. Even for the ongoing cases, construction is still going on. With false and pseudo alterations on projects, developers have been sidetracking our legal victories.


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