Out in the Chicago land area, Emily Mayberry, via her organization/offering Raven Shanti, will be holding supportive and ceremonial space.
In early September I participated in a water ceremony held by the Sacred Grandmothers of the We in Michigan state, literally at the beach coast of Lake Michigan. These 5 indigenous grandmothers have been traveling the world the past 5 years collecting and circulating water from all over the world. They collect and adding the water to a large jar each time. During ceremony everyone prays and puts intentions into that water. Since water holds memory, the seeds of the prayers mix and spread. At the end of each ceremony the grandmothers offer a bit of the collective water back to the body of water. This way the prayers are being woven throughout the world.
I spoke awhile after the ceremony to the grandmothers. I told them about Walking Water and my intentions. I asked for permission to weave the ceremony into my Walking Water Sister Events. They were more than happy for me to anchor my
Ceremony there.


The Grandmother Mary Lyons, an Ojibwe elder, also gifted me a mason jar of the water that has been collected for the past 5 years to really be able to weave the ceremonies together. I will be weaving with and offering this water throughout the 2 weeks of the pilgrimage.
This brings me to my contribution to this movement. On October 14 I will do an opening ceremony at Lake Echo which is across the street from my home in the suburbs of Chicago. This will be to create a ceremonial container that will stay open for the whole two weeks of the pilgrimage. Every morning at 8:00 I will do a water ceremony to send supportive and protective energy to those walking the pilgrimage in LA.
I have been hyping up this event on social media. I will use this network I have created as a platform to launch my public events:
There will be a garbage action day October 18 that I will encourage this network and the physical network I created to pick up the area around their local source.
October 20-22 I will be in Ceremony/retreat in Michigan at Ranora Lodge and will do a water ceremony there with my tribe of healers and shamans.
October 25 I will be hosting an online meditation to bring healing to the Amazon and the waters their. I was asked to do this healing meditation by a Kogi elder but I did not ever find the ‘right’ place to hold the space. This ceremony felt like the perfect opportunity.
The closing ceremony will be on the last day of the pilgrimage on October 28. I will be joined by a group of water lovers, flow artists, performers, musicians, and whoever else feels called to come to walk in solidarity with those in LA and really all the movements around the world being done during the 2 weeks. We will walk down the coast of Lake Michigan on Lake Shore Drive. We will close the ceremony on the beach.