An homage to the Water, in solidarity with dear friends and allies currently walking for water in California, this week we Dance for the Water!
Salt Spring Island Dance Temple is the heartbeat and core of a larger cultural transformation and the foundation of a new community movement where all are allowed to share their brilliance. Dance Temple provides a safe space to have an authentic experience, to express in an inclusive way, to clear blocks, thoughts or patterns, to centre and harmonize with ourselves and with each other. Holding each other in this process and holding a greater vision of community strength and resilience, we create the foundations for a new world.

Linked with our friends walking in California, we share the question relevant for all places and peoples in relationship with their watersheds:
Can we agree on a common vision and an appropriate set of practices for wise use? Is there enough for everybody? Is someone else going to fix it or are we all responsible?

Thank you for joining me in solidarity with the water ~
May our dance be a prayer for this precious resource of which we are made..