We are inviting Friends of the Brazos supporters to join us on a mini-Walking Water pilrimage on, perhaps in, and around the Brazos River. We will host a group Solidarity Walk in the Mitchell Bend area of the Brazos River. FBR board member Jane Vaughn will lead us along the Brazos, including a walk through a lush pecan bottomland, and our representative Mojave Desert. We will meet and walk from 6-8 pm, Sunday, September 30th. Participants are asked to make a donation to Friends of the Brazos to help continue our work watch-dogging the Brazos River Authority’s permit requests to prevent the over-selling of water rights. This can be in the form of cash, or a donation for our annual auction, being held Saturday, October 22nd.

Friends of the Brazos also invites all members and river lovers to create their own Brazos River, (or any river or waterway) pilgrimage or adventure, do your own solidarity walk, or take some time to say a prayer, send a blessing, or have your own event!