OTEPIC empowers communities to grow and enjoy their own food through providing grass root education in skills of sustainability. Since 2008 we have taught more than 2000 local farmers, women and youth in ecological agriculture, permaculture, peace education, renewable energy technologies and promoted innovative activities to improve the living standard of people.

We created two demonstration gardens in the poorest neighborhoods of Kitale – a learning garden in Mitume and the Amani Garden in Bidii – to inspire our communities with perspectives and teach them community-based approaches to sustainable development. In follow-up seminars we visit the participants to help and guide them to apply the techniques they have learned in the workshops. Many communities and women initiatives could improve their situation.

Nancy Oppelle from the womens initiative Maili Saba, which has been taught by OTEPIC since 2008: “Nobody goes hungry anymore, not even at the end of the dry season. Our children are healthy because they get a diverse diet. And the money that we save by not using chemical fertilizers helps to buy their school books.”

With the help of a local landlord we created a seminar house and cultural center in Mitume as a teaching hall and a meeting place for all people.

In 2012, we could build a borehole and a water system driven by a solar pump which provides free drinking water for the families of the community.

Event Report

OTEPIC spent a day tree-planting and walking along the local river. Here are some photos of the day.

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