Radical Joy For Hard Times, New York

For 100 years, New York City has been receiving some of the purest unfiltered water of any city in the world from reservoirs in the Catskill Mountains upstate. Although this engineering marvel has been a boon for the people in the city, it brought severe hardship to people in the Catskills, many of whom lost their homes, land, and communities when local streams and rivers were harnessed for the reservoir. To celebrate the centennial of New York City’s clean water and to acknowledge the sacrifices that have made it possible, Radical Joy for Hard Times is hosting the social media campaign: Raise a Glass to the Catskills.From now through Saturday, October 14, people throughout the NYC watershed are invited to take photos of themselves, their friends, family (or even pets) raising a glass of clean New York City water to toast and to thank the people of the Catskills for the gift of clean drinking water.​