Tamera Healing Biotope 

Since the beginning Tamera has been a close ally and cooperation partner of Walking Water. Each year different community leaders have joined as walkers and part of the team. Tamera traditions of pilgrimage, community and water retention landscapes have been profoundly woven with Walking Water. This year Benjamin Von Mendelssohn will return to walk in LA as a carrier, and once again Janka Striffler and Silvia Belgrade will once again be the kitchen crew. Sabine Lichtenfels, Tamera co-founder and visionary behind the Grace Pilgrimages, will join for the opening days with other next generation Tamera leaders.
In 2016, approximately 35 Tamera coworkers along with neighbors and friends walked our watershed – the Sado river from Tamera to the river mouth in Setubal – to see the current state of the bio-region’s water situation. Motivated by the UN General Assembly Resolution in 2010 that states “Access to clean drinking water is a human right”, our aim was to meet local people along the route, discuss potential solutions for improving the river’s vitality and long-term health and connect to the dream of the land and a sane watershed.
We stayed in villages, met mayors, farmers, land owners, retired people, gardeners, school children, bearing witness to the frightening situation in a region that is hit by desertification, lack of clean drinking water, big dams, agro-industry, spreading wildfires, and rural exodus. We also explored, shared, and listened to the vision of a watershed in which all areas collaborate and share their special tasks, harvests and expertise. After ten days we ended in the bay of Setubal with a prayer and ritual at the coast. In the very end, a school of dolphins came close to the beach – we took it as a greeting of hope in spite of all the ecological destruction.
In 2017, we focused our attention and activities to the ocean and the threats of the planned off-shore oil exploration. Throughout the year, we informed people in villages, schools, fishermen, farmers, journalists, politicians, activists about the perils of the oil drill. In August, together with 800 people, we created a huge areal art image on the beach of Odeceixe to manifest against the oil drill and for the future.
Again this fall we followed the example of the Walking Water pilgrimage on a two day walk at the Vicentine Coast to bear witness of the wild beauty of the land and the sea which are in danger of being contaminated.