Embracing_Lake_1_16_57baf77638639“Walk your Watershed!” Walking Water Portugal
2nd – 12th of October
A group of 30 from the Peace Research Center Tamera and friends will go on a “Walking Water” tour – following their watershed of the Sado bassin from Colos to Setubal, bearing witness to the situation of water on their way. The river Sado sees agricultural monocultures, irrigation for rice fields and olive plantations, pollution and contamination. It also still sees remains of traditional knowledge and honoring of water: communal meeting places around wells, sacred sources, traditional rainwater harvesting and irrigation systems. The dolphins living in the Sado bassin show that the water of river Sado is worth to be saved.
The group wants “to walk the land, explore our watershed, get to know its inhabitants, listen to the people, listen to animals and plants, to water as a living being, bear witness to the pain of the tortured nature and envision a region whose communities take responsibility for their watershed.”
Transition Town Sao Luis, an other group of similar size, will dedicate two months on the Water issue of their land. On October 9th, they will walk in the small town from the public water treatment facilities down to the creek that leads to the main river Mira. Connecting with the inner reflection of the water situation they witness, and studying the water quality of the severely polluted local public water, will be their focus.
These initiatives are inspired by Walking Water from California and aims to focus on a new Water Paradigm worldwide.