Findhorn Foundation community Walk for the Waters

October 22nd

Members of the community and any other interested parties are invited to join Geoff Dalglish and Mena Vieira on Saturday 22 October for a mindful walk in support of Walking Water’s goal to help create a new relationship with the waters and each other. We’ll start at 9am at the Community Centre in The Park and then stroll through the pioneering Ecovillage and along the beautiful Findhorn Beach to the pinewoods and picnic area at Roseisle. This will be a gentle walk at low tide with the possibility for the more adventurous to continue along the beach to the historic town of Burghead. The round trip to Roseisle is around 10km while to Burghead and back is 22km, with the option to arrange to be fetched at either venue. It is an easy flat walk although participants are invited to dress for all seasons as it could be cold.


‘Water is Life’ will showcase the 2016 leg of the Walking Water pilgrimage at the Findhorn Foundation community and ecovillage on Sunday, 23rd October at 12:30pm

Join Geoff Dalglish for a slideshow, video clips and a report-back on the gruelling 21-day trek following the Great LA Aqueduct from the Owens Lake dustbowl to the Cascades, where Los Angeles water chief William Mulholland famously declared to thousands of Angelenos: “There it is. Take it!” And take it they did, the ‘theft’ of a river sparking the infamous California Water Wars and triggering a century-long bitter conflict. It’s a story of a spectacular engineering achievement against the backdrop of an audacious water grab that grew LA into the second biggest city in the US, while sucking a landscape dry upstream and impoverishing many in the Owens Valley.