What if the people sharing these watersheds, from the Owens Valley to the LA Basin, came together… What if they said, we want to explore how to share it, and together steward its maintenance and use — always looking to the future, always aware of the impact of our use on all of the life being fed by these waters… Can we agree on a common vision and an appropriate set of practices for wise use? Is there enough for everybody? Is someone else going to fix it or are we all responsible?

Walking Water has begun its 3 year, 3 phase, journey from Mono County to Los Angeles. Phase 1, from Mono Lake to Owens Lake is complete and you can read a full report here.

We are now preparing Phase 2 that will happen in Fall 2016 and walk from Owens Lake to the Cascades in Sylmar, LA. For current info please go here.

Walking Water is very much about the calling, a knowing that walking for water through the incredible landscape of the Owens Valley is what serves, sharing story that offers insight to water and ready to be what is needed. If you have this calling and would like more information please join our newsletter.

The goal is to contribute to empowering, inspiring and equipping individuals and communities in the Owens to LA region to engage in the issue of water… Read More >