Our Goals

The goal is to contribute to empowering, inspiring and equipping individuals and communities in the Owens to LA region to engage in the issue of water – water use, water protection, city living and wild nature – and the relationships between human communities.

Walking Water intends to attract the interest, and open the hearts of people who live in Southern California, to further move and inspire them to understand the impacts of their personal lifestyles on other people and the ecosystem, and motivate and equip them to make effective changes in those lifestyles that can reduce the amount of water they use, waste, and pollute.

Further goals are:

  • To influence environmental education in schools through the development of education packages applicable to both LA and Owens Valley.
  • To motivate Californian residents to make long-term lifestyle changes and take actions to significantly increase their conservation of water.
  • To create opportunities for exchange among First Nations peoples in the Owens Valley and Los Angeles areas and along the pilgrimage route.
  • To create opportunity for the diversity of story in the LA and Owens Valley areas to be shared.
  • To bring together the experiences of urban and rural living, source to end-use, policy makers and citizens, local and global citizens.
  • To explore ways for local residents and community members to be active in decision making processes and shared responsibility in stewarding common water resources.

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