From the beginning of the Walking Water story we have made this a ‘community’ initiative and a ‘gifting’ economy in the way of creating space for all aspects, ideas, practices and visions to be included in the forming of the project. Everyone who gives their time, skills and support are volunteers and as much as possible we are asking for gifts and a reciprocal process of giving and receiving to provide what we will all need on the walk. We are attempting to organize Walking Water in ‘flow’ – as water flows, money flows.

We have also extended this to the idea of each person offering a contribution to the ‘finance pot’. The intention is that each participant will have a ‘share’ that they contribute and we will work in support of those in need to fundraise. No one will be excluded for lack of funds. The proposed share is (on sliding scale)

3 weeks = $1200 – $2000
1 week = $400 – $670

Our intention with this page is to show who is committed to walk the path of Walking Water and to give the opportunity to support a walker in bringing their share, or make a general donation to the fund. Please take a look and see whether you feel you would like to support the walkers. We will update the page regularly and include more walkers as they join.

How to support
For the participant share we are working with The WILD Foundation:

By credit card: DONATE HERE and please note “Walking Water General Fund” or “Walking Water + the Name of Walker” in the Additional Notes section at the bottom of the page

By check: Please make checks out to The WILD Foundation and mail Attention: Jennifer Meyer, 717 Poplar Ave, Boulder, Colorado 80304. Please note Walking Water/Name of Participant noted in the memo line.

Scroll down to See all Participants or click one here:

Alan Bacock  |  California, USA

Alan Bacock is a Big Pine Tribal Member and serves as the Big Pine Paiute Tribe of the Owens Valley’s Water Program Coordinator. He has been involved with environmental issues for the past 15 years working on behalf of tribes to protect the water, air and land for the future. As the Tribe’s Water Program Coordinator, Alan monitors water quality to ensure that Big Pine Creek meets water quality standards established by the Tribe as it flows through the Big Pine Indian Reservation and evaluates water quantity changes by analyzing groundwater data. He is also the manager of the Tribe’s Sustainable Food Project. The Sustainable Food Project is an effort to regain tribal connections to the land and water by developing local food sovereignty using concepts which are good for the earth and good for people.

Kathy Bancroft  |  California, USA

I was born and raised in Lone Pine, California and I am of Mono, Shoshone and Paiute descent. My family owned Mt. Whitney Pack Trains, so my summers were spent in the high country of the Sierra Nevada. I attended school in Lone Pine and then Rowland Hall-St. Mark’s School in Salt Lake City, Utah for my high school years where I learned a lot about the world outside of the Owens Valley, skiing and community service. I then attended Stanford University where I learned about the value of a good library and the destructiveness of overzealous competitiveness. A few years later, I had two sons and raised them as a single mother. I continued my education at Ft. Lewis College in Durango, Colorado and then attended graduate school at Montana State University and received my MS in Organic Chemistry. I was then enrolled in the new Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience for my PhD and then became a part of the Integrated Graduate Education and Research Training (IGERT) program involving modeling complex biological systems. I now involve myself in anything for the betterment of my Tribe, but my priorities concern the youth and preservation of cultural resources. I serve as both the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO) and the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Representative, among other duties.

Jasmine Beaghler  |  California, USA

Jasmine was born in Bishop, CA and raised nearby in Round Valley. She is a fourth generation to the Owen’s Valley. Jasmine is a spoken word artist and award winning photographer inspired by the mountains, desert and water. She is interested in global empowerment through artistic expression, connection and honesty. To learn more please visit her website.

Silvia Belgardt  |  Portugal

She was born and educated in Germany. After a short period of working as a Kindergarten teacher she started searching for alternative ways of living. The “usual way of life” didn’t fulfill her social and spiritual longings. Her work in the Christian Kindergarten showed her the drama of family life in society. For the past 12 years she has been living in an international community in Portugal (Tamera) where she found answers to her questions and search. Here she has been in charge of several working areas, managing the guest kitchen for the last 3 years. Silvia is mother of a 7 yr old boy. She follows her creative passion as a painter and sculptor more and more. She will be coordinating the kitchen for Walking Water.

Kate Bunney  |  UK

Kate was born and raised in the UK. Surrounded by water on all sides, she learnt to swim and sail as soon as she could. From an early age she witnessed many disparities in our human world – and began searching for the places where change was happening, for the better. She has worked in numerous social and charitable organizations. She has a degree with honors in Psychology and a Masters in Women’s Studies and spent the last 15 years living in one of the most progressive communities in the world with a focus on educational programs for communities in conflict areas. Part of that focus was given to organizing and walking Pilgrimage, through Israel and Palestine, Colombia and Europe, as a simple act of re-connection to the beauty and power of the land allowing us human beings to return to the knowing that we have all we need. Kate had the vision for Walking Water in 2012, and has since been concentrating on that becoming a viable project.

Peter Cameron  |  California, USA

Raised in the cross between redwood groves and dairy farms that lie across from the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin County, Peter grew up learning about the uses of wild plants of his homeland. Fascinated by the stories behind the names of places in California, Peter became enchanted by the power of storytelling at a young age, and, motivated by VisionQuests undertaken in high school, he moved to Los Angeles to study Acting. He earned a BFA from the University of Southern California, but soon discovered that living in the city came with a lot of fossil-fueled baggage, and that these ruts were only growing deeper in his own life, so he followed a chance encounter and moved to a little town outside of Bogotá, Colombia, to work on a farm and retreat center as compost manager. Here began the deep work of uniting his daily practice with his sense of intuition and values. From this ground of support he decided to make his way home from Colombia without using any airplanes, finding work in farms and community projects along the way, and is currently in Mexico! From the border he will take the PCT up to the Bay Area wildcrafting a percentage of his food, and from there will hop back down to join Walking Water to the city that he left to follow his heart.

Read Peter’s Letter of Intention

Janet and David Carle |  California, USA

Janet and David Carle were state park rangers who finished their careers at Mono Lake, arriving in 1982 to establish the new State Reserve and working there for 20 years.  Retired now, Janet continues to coordinate and train the volunteers who work at Mono Lake.  Dave is the author of 15 books, including Water and the California Dream and Introduction to Water in California and several books about Mono Lake Basin history.  Janet and Dave co-authored Traveling the 38th Parallel: a Water Line Around the World (U.C. Press, 2013).

Troy Carter |  California, USA

Troy Carter is a joy-filled soul and explorer making manifest his utopian dreams for throughout the world. He holds a degree in economics from Stanford University, and envisions a global village where love is held in community, livelihoods support profound meaning and self-realization, and humans realize their intimate connection with the earth. He is helping birth a new gestation space nestled in the California redwoods to cultivate a field of trust and truth as the seed of new culture.

Yamin Chehin  |  California, USA

Lover of Mother Earth, Yamin Chehin is committed to the work and joy of bringing healing into being through acupuncture, herbal medicine, Tai Chi and Council circles.  She has been in private practice for the past 10 years serving the communities of the greater Los Angeles region and beyond. To find out more about her work, visit her at Healing Cycles.

Brendan Clarke |  California, USA

Brendan Clarke is a mentor, naturalist, tracker, wilderness rites of passage guide, and lover of all things wild. He grew up near the Potomac River in Maryland before studying at McGill University in Montreal. He then joined Teach for America and taught fifth grade in southwest Chicago. He moved to California and graduated from three years of intensive studies in Permaculture and nature connection at the Regenerative Design Institute and Weaving Earth. He is currently the Youth Program Coordinator at Weaving Earth. He works with youth, teens and adults, practicing primitive skills, nature connection mentoring, bird language, storytelling, and other ways of deeply engaging with the life around and within us.

Read Brendan’s Letter of Intention

Gigi Coyle |  California, USA

Gigi lives in the Owens Valley and has been focused in many ways on the connection to water – the care of, the teaching of, the protection of, throughout her life. For forty-five years, she has served in various roles from director to consultant, student to teacher, working with different communities, organizations, and cultures, helping to build bridges “between the worlds.” She has organized and co-led journeys to the rainforest, the oceans, and the desert–journeys dedicated to witnessing and learning through the great suffering and abundant grace found on this planet. She is a leader of Beyond Boundaries, an inter-generational pilgrimage of service, and a response team for our times. She serves today as a wilderness rites-of-passage guide, trainer and council carrier, a community facilitator and mentor.