Here are some of the walker’s reflections and poems of the journey from the Cascades, through Los Angeles and down to Long Beach in Nov 2017.

Janka Striffler

“Voice of grief

cry of love

in the flowing tear … Read More

Renu Sisodia

Water in ocean

Water in clouds

Water in river

It’s all water for life ….. Read More

Geoff Dalglish

Let us bless the flow of water

As we walk a river without end,

May each footstep be for the love of water …. Read More

Ben Holgate

A fountain at 111 Hope St. Los Angeles

She is a circle of love 

a reminder of what can be

shackled in penstock and driven … Read More

Sarah Nutting

Water: Voice of Grief, Cry of Love, in the flowing tear..

 sweet caress bearing witness to ALL beings who swim within, you dare to meet me there. I know you from another place in time … Read More

Justine Epstein

Stronger than the deadening downward drag of gravity

I am walking, rising each morning, waking to give thanks

Against all odds, for this world, its hiss and thump, scream and numb … Read More

Sam DeBoskey

Walking Water –

Winding our way through the streets – San Fernando, Beverly hills, Downtown, Long Beach…names that don’t quite speak to the depth of those places, the stories of land and people and water … Read More

AnMarie R. Mendoza

My experience in the 2017 leg of the Walking Waters Pilgrimage was a special experience that enabled me to see and feel Tongva Land in an entirely new and thought-provoking way. I did not expect my ancestral … Read More

Benjamin von Mendelssohn

Walking Water … from source to end user … I do no longer want to be an end user of water anywhere. Walking Water taught me to listen more deeply, more carefully, more lovingly, more powerful … Read More

Krystyna Jurzykowski

“Where does my water come from and who might be suffering for my own privilege and benefit?” is a question that is now foot-stepped and sole’d into my awareness.  As I continue to walk my life, “To whom am I … Read More

Hank Wadsworth

Oh water

mystery of essence

of a sacred channel … Read More

Siri Gunnarson

Walking Water Reflections

This year was different in many ways, strongly marked by the shift of pilgrimage in the city.

What is it to hold center, bear witness and open up for new questions, new understand, when confronted

 … Read More