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From the Minnesota Home Team

FROM THE MINNESOTA HOME TEAM By Marian Moore The Mississippi River where Enbridge plans to cross, photo by Marian Moore     It is December 14, 2020, and here I am, a sixty-four- year-old woman, in a jail cell in northern Minnesota’s Aitkin County during a global pandemic.  I

Water Warriors Aligned

WATER WARRIORS ALIGNED By Nichole Miller-Strachan As a young Black Woman working in the 501c3 sector in the late 90’s early 2000’s, there was a name that came up in every development meeting, Gwen Winston. If there was a grant to be secured, you called “Gwen Winston” to eloquently paint a

Water sovereignty is freedom – A state-of-the-art off-grid water solution in the bush in Ghana

WATER SOVEREIGNTY IS FREEDOM - A STATE OF THE ART OFF GRID WATER SOLUTION IN GHANA By Dr Christian Andres Introducing: Obrobibini Peace Complex (OPC) OPC is an NGO bringing together various cultures to evolve regenerative communities adopting low-impact lifestyles, so-called “ecovillages”. Besides engaging in organic farming, these communities practice off-grid

Water Book

WATER BOOK Walking Water has existed for 8 years as a pilgrimage, a project and a prayer that centers water as teacher, guide, and sacred source. During this time we have built relationships with peoples, lands and waters from across the world, born witness to places and stories of destruction

Weaving Earth

WEAVING EARTH: OUR FISCAL SPONSOR AND PARTNER In the summer of 2015, delegates from Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education (WE) joined friends and allies on the Walking Water (WW) pilgrimage, a 300 mile journey by foot from Miwok, Mono and Paiute territories in the eastern Sierra Nevada to Tongva

Walking Waterhoods

WALKING WATERHOODS By Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty It can be a revelation to discover that wherever you are at any time, in any location – you’re located in a watershed. But what does that mean and why should we care? Most of us think the term “watershed” as a description of

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