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Owens River Water Trail

DREAMS OF DESERT WATER BY MIKE PRATHER Mike Prather is an environmental activist and conservationist who has advocated for the rewatering of Owens Lake and the Lower Owens River for decades. Mike was instrumental in the formation the Owens Valley Committee (OVC) and has served as its past president. Additionally, he

Letter to LADWP

LETTER BY WALKING WATER TO LADWP August 24, 2019 Dear Marty, We first met in person when you joined our panel discussion at TreePeople as we walked through Los Angeles in 2017, on the 3rdphase of Walking Water. Your presence that day was very important as representing DWP. We understand

Perspectives on the Owens Lake

PERSPECTIVES ON THE OWENS LAKE In our regular coverage of news and info from Patsiata/Owens Lake, we have included this recording of Kathy Bancroft (Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone Reservation) and Danelle Gutierrez (Big Pine Paiute Tribe of Owens Valley) sharing their knowledge of the Lake for the Owens Lake Scientific Advisory

We the Youth of Detroit

YOUTH ACTIVISTS TEST FOR WATER SAFETY BY ERIC T. CAMPBELL (This article originally appeared in RiverWise Magazine, Winter 2018. Riverwise is a community based magazine, working together to create media that reflects local activism and the profound new work being done in and around Detroit neighborhoods.) We The Youth Detroit,

Jim Brobeck

BRIEF CRITIQUE OF THE SHASTA RESERVOIR BY JIM BROBECK, AQUALLIANCE, CA There is a big difference between a lake and a reservoir. Lakes have natural water level fluctuations that enhance ecosystems. Reservoirs like Shasta have extreme fluctuations that destroy life. I never call this body of water “Lake” Shasta ... I

The Voice of a River

Listen to an inspiring interview between Mark Dubois and Claire Dubois, Founder and CEO of TreeSisters ... and Mark's wife. 40 years ago, after a decade of trying to stop his beloved Stanislaus River (California, USA) being dammed, Mark did something that blew open the hearts of people everywhere. He