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Patsiata update

Winter is the time for stories and remembering. With the break in the projects throughout Payahuunadü because of the weather, it also gives me the time to think about what I could do better. Am I thinking for the land? Am I thinking for the ancestors? Am I doing what is best for all the...

Charting a year’s pilgrimage

How can you draw a map of “pilgrimage redefined”—a multi-dimensional record of this year’s quest to experience “the sacred in the land?” Such a map would show a non-linear network of seasonal hikes and deepening council; of story, music and emergent art; of indigenous elders’ wisdom, with film journeys...

Walking for Water and All Life

WALKING FOR WATER AND ALL LIFE by Geoff Dalglish The dream of a modern source-to-sea pilgrimage walk along South Africa’s Eerste River will become a reality during September 2020 when a diverse group of people will come together to honour the sanctity and preciousness of water and all the life

Reflections on a pilgrimage

REFLECTIONS ON A PILGRIMAGE by Emmett Brennan During those first days in the desert I remember a certain timidness. There was a fear in me to meet the intensity of the landscape, the intensity of the story there, the people, the prayers, the circles and songs. The water... — The


RUN4SALMON INTERVIEW WITH DESIRAE HARP AND MICHAEL PRESTON (POM) OF RUN4SALMON   Desirae Harp  a member of the Mishewal Wappo (Ona*tsátis) nation from the central coast of California and a descendant of the Diné Nation. She is a singer/songerwriter, educator, and community organizer. She performs across the country and gives workshops on expressive

Interview with Liz Crosson

INTERVIEW WITH LIZ CROSSON Liz Crosson joined Mayor Eric Garcetti's Sustainability Team as Water Policy Advisor after serving as the Executive Director of Los Angeles Waterkeeper for five years. Liz led Waterkeeper’s efforts to protect, conserve and restore Los Angeles' waterways through advocacy, community education and litigation. She previously worked

Owens River Water Trail

DREAMS OF DESERT WATER BY MIKE PRATHER Mike Prather is an environmental activist and conservationist who has advocated for the rewatering of Owens Lake and the Lower Owens River for decades. Mike was instrumental in the formation the Owens Valley Committee (OVC) and has served as its past president. Additionally, he