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Our next Conversation will be with Barbara Vlamis of AquAlliance and MaMuse. AquAlliance and Mamuse have collaborated together to merge political action and song. MaMuse will present the new song during our conversation. We will discuss the work of AquAlliance, based in Northern California, and the ways they are protecting the waters… and weave in some music along the way.

Who they are:

Barbara Vlamis is Executive Director of AquAlliance, a north state coalition dedicated to protecting Sacramento Valley regional water resources. She has protected north state communities and the environment from ground water sales, hazardous materials releases, and wetland destruction for nearly two decades. She led successful litigation resulting in designation of over 900,000 acres of vernal pool critical habitat in California and Southern Oregon, and which established the Recovery Plan for Vernal Pool Ecosystems. Her collaboration with Chico-area neighbors resulted in the best possible cleanup of California’s largest burn dump, including long-term deed restrictions that will help protect future residents.

AquAlliance was formed to challenge threats to the hydrologic health of the northern Sacramento River watershed. AquAlliance will protect the groundwater and wetlands in northern California to sustain family farms, communities, creeks and rivers, native flora and fauna, vernal pools, and recreation. Achieving these objectives is essential to restoring North America’s largest inland estuary: the San Francisco Bay Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta. There is no other entity that is both prepared and willing to confront the escalating attempts to divert more water from the northern Sacramento River hydrologic region as demand south of the Delta has far outstripped supply.

MaMuse: (“Ma” as in Mamma; “Muse” as in the one who inspires)
Harmonic, Uplifting, Luscious, Folk-Soul-Revival; A Musical Tune-Up for the Heart … Wholeheartedly fed by the folk and gospel traditions, MaMuse (Sarah Nutting and Karisha Longaker) create uplifting music to inspire the world into thriving. Interweaving brilliant and haunting harmony with lyrics born of honed emotional intelligence, MaMuse invokes a musical presence that inspires the opening of the heart.

These interviews are also an opportunity to invite financial resources to support both the work of Walking Water and each interviewees chosen project.

We choose to ask for donations rather than a set price because we wish to evoke the community spirit of gifting. We trust that those who are curious, interested and know they are to be part of these events will truly offer what they can. For those who need a hint or guideline then we suggest a minimum of $10. No-one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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