Our intention is to contribute to a growing movement that asks each of us to restore our relations – with the waters, the peoples, the lands. It is a call for collaboration, joining together in vision and hope for water.

The current and emerging critical issues of water worldwide and specifically in California will best be resolved through collaborative thinking, organizing and working together. Walking Water will convene and catalyze regional and global partners to highlight, bring awareness to and be part of contributing to possible “solutions” for both the local and global situation of water. Through pilgrimage, council and the associated events, Walking Water catalyzes storytelling, knowledge sharing and the discovery of new possible directions and solutions for the future of water.

It is seen as a kind of acupuncture, local actions that ripple through the larger body of the place, the people and perhaps even the country and the world. Created in 2012, Walking Water is a project of Weaving Earth and completed its first Pilgrimage – a 3 year, 3 phase Pilgrimage from Mono Lake, through Payahuunadu/Owens Valley and into Los Angeles in 2017. Parallel walks took place in many other regions and countries … the journey continues today.


The Walking Water Pilgrimage was a life changing event for me. It has instilled in me a need to slow down, be transparent, and move like the water when applying myself in the world around me. I have learned that I am like the water and that I am impacted like the water in all ways. I am more mindful, careful, and fragile today looking at these changes.

Ray Naylor-Hunter • Walker 2016