On November 29th 2018 at 1:50 pm ” the Kingfisher took flight”
In gratitude for the rain
A water bird ….a symbol of a healthy watershed ..we look to ensure for and with our children

Despite great concern about the weather
despite many e-mails and calls wondering if we should cancel
despite Big Pine School having to step back due to time changes
despite the local newspaper somehow missing to put our Walking Water slideshow event the night before as part of the preparation …..in their article, or in the weekly calendar
despite the lack of an essential megaphone or a microphone which shorted out in the rain

Kids showed up pretty excited
Heads bobbed like they were at sea (when they needed to be down…)
Some bodies could not quite find their spot and some were wet and chilled.
Laughter and talking understandably filled the field over any calls for quieting…

the clouds cleared
the sun came through two big storm fronts
the wind stood still
the drone flew overhead
there was a moment, maybe two, that looked good for a photo

The Kingfisher took flight at 1:50 pm in Bishop
Five hundred 4th, 5th and 6th graders made Art for the Sky!
We dearly thank them all – along with the parents and teachers and principals who worked to keep it all together,
and High Country Lumber for materials and Owens Valley Tribe Water Commission for the drone
and of course
special thanks to Daniel Dancer, Art for The Sky for his inspiration, perseverance, creativity and positivity to make it all

Tomorrow we get to see the image at the school assembly !
and will collaborate with Art for the Sky …on a little film to share with everyone in the weeks to come

May the rains continue


Gigi CoyleWalking Water

Gigi Coyle, co-founder of Walking-Water, lives in Payahuunadu (the Owens Valley in California) and has been focused on the connection to and teachings of water – the care of and the protection of water – throughout her life. She began this relationship spending much time as a child alongside a lively brook, paddling her first river at age 9 and most noticeably at age 12 entering a series of three-day silent retreats at her convent school surrounded on three sides by the sea.

In her early twenties, with an MA in International Relations, Gigi worked as a community organizer and research consultant focused on the use of appropriate technologies, specifically writing grants and channeling government aid and resources to women overseas. She has travelled and worked in 37 countries extensively, spending time alone in nature and in diverse communities and cultures, seeking pathways to regenerative living, integral healing, local and global partnerships. In 45 of her 69 years, she has served in various roles from volunteer to director, educator to student, consultant to facilitator, working to build bridges “between the worlds.”

She has organized and co-led journeys to the rainforest, the oceans, and the desert, journeys dedicated to witnessing and learning from the great suffering and abundant grace found on this planet. She is a leader of Beyond Boundaries, an inter-generational pilgrimage of service and a response team for our times. She continues today as a rite of passage guide for organizations and individuals as well as a council trainer, community activist, and mentor.


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