In creating its team WALKING WATER strives for diversity while knowing that to do so well takes time, healing and authentic relationship.

We are committed to restoring and building relations on all levels.

We also endeavor to work on a ‘needs’ basis in relation to financial, skills and time reciprocity, striving to build working relationships that are inspiring and mutually beneficial. We give thanks to all the hands and hearts that make and guide Walking Water to be what it is and what it will become.



Kate Bunney
Kate BunneyCo-founder, Team Coordinator & Stellar
Kate (she/her) was born and raised in the UK. Surrounded by water on all sides, she learnt to swim and sail as soon as she could. From an early age she witnessed many disparities…
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Krystyna Jurzykowski
Krystyna JurzykowskiStellar
Krystyna is a co-founder of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, a wildlife preserve for endangered species; Eco-Naturaleza, a trio of coastal rainforest cacao micro-enterprise projects in Panama and High Hope: A Sanctuary for Retreat (www.highhoperetreat.com) a working …
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Justine Epstein
Justine EpsteinStellar
Justine is a lover of birds and all things wild, a student of water, an activist, council carrier, and rites of passage guide-in-training. She is especially interested …
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Rina Kedem
Rina KedemStellar
Rina Kedem co-manages the Jordan-Israel Center for Community, Environment and Research at the Arava Institute, in collaboration with the Dead Sea and Arava Science Center. She directs regional cooperation efforts with Jordan…
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Gigi Coyle
Gigi CoyleCo-founder & Guardian
Gigi Coyle, co-founder of Walking-Water, lives in Payahuunadu (the Owens Valley in California) and has been focused on the connection to and teachings of water – the care of and the protection of water – throughout her life…
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Orland Bishop
Orland BishopGuardian
Orland Bishop combines an extensive study of phenomenology, western and indigenous cosmologies with a deep dedication to human rights advocacy and cultural renewal…
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Nina Gordon-Kirsch
Nina Gordon-KirschTeam
Nina was born and raised in Berkeley and has always had the earth in her heart. She is growing up to be a water tender and advocate and is now on a journey to trace where her tap water comes from – the Mokelumne River…
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Emily Pease
Emily PeaseTeam
Emily finds that deeply believing in her work is of great importance – when she finds passion in her endeavors then she is able to effortlessly communicate the value of that cause or initiative through outreach…
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Kathy Bancroft
Kathy BancroftAdvisor
I was born and raised in Lone Pine, California and I am of Mono, Shoshone and Paiute descent. My family owned Mt. Whitney Pack Trains, so my summers were spent in the high country of the Sierra Nevada…
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Alan Bacock
Alan BacockAdvisor
Alan Bacock is a member of the Big Pine Paiute Tribe of the Owens Valley and over the past 20 years has served indigenous communities to protect water, air and land through various roles including as a Water Program Coordinator…
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Rajendra Singh
Rajendra SinghAdvisor
Rajendra Singh is a well-known water conservationist, also known as “Waterman of India”. He won the Stockholm Water Prize, an award known as “the Nobel Prize for water”, in 2015 …
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Andy Lipkis
Andy LipkisAdvisor
Andy Lipkis is a practical visionary who has dedicated his life to healing the environment while improving the lives of individuals and communities …
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Tara Milliken
Tara MillikenCarrier
Tara Milliken is a member of Beyond Boundaries, a student of council, and a lover of water in all forms. She currently lives in Sonoma County, CA where she studies…
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Sam Deboskey
Sam DeboskeyCarrier
Sam is a lifelong student of the natural world.  He is a farmer, carpenter, community organizee/organizer, and long term partner of Walking Water.  Participating in phases II and III of Walking Water in 2016 and 2017…
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Benjamin von Mendelssohn
Benjamin von MendelssohnCarrier
Benjamin was born 1973 into a once-wealthy, culturally significant Jewish banking family in Germany. In the Third Reich the family survived between the lines …
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Janka Striffler
Janka StrifflerCarrier
Janka was born in 1968 and grew up in Southern Germany together with three sisters. This experience created a learning space for the subjects of women solidarity and community that have shaped and guided her life…
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Geoff Dalglish
Geoff DalglishCarrier
South African-born Geoff Dalglish is a spiritual and ecological activist, retreat facilitator, author and award-winning photojournalist who has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with wilderness and wildness. He has been an investigative reporter…
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Win Phelps
Win PhelpsCarrier
Win Phelps is a wilderness rites-of-passage guide, and trainer of guides, for The School of Lost Borders and a carrier of council. He has been an award-winning director in Hollywood, a transformational coach, a Chinese Mandarin translator…
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Teena Pugliese
Teena PuglieseTeam
Teena is a filmmaker and digital activist focused on stewardship and deep community with people, place, and planets. She is a youth media trainer and is currently exploring ways of council & rites of passage …
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Walking Water thrives from an abundant community of volunteers, donors, contributors and supporters. If you feel inspired to contribute what you can be it time, skills, equipment and/or money then please contact us or go direct to our donate page.