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Racism, drought and history

RACISM, DROUGHT AND HISTORY: Young Native Americans fight back as water disappears Gigi Coyle  recently traveled home to Payahuunadu, CA from the NW and decided to take more of the "back routes"  choosing Klamath Falls as where to stop … following the waterways, wanting to be near water for the Walking Water Conversation last week … There she came upon

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Interview with Andy Lipkis

INTERVIEW WITH ANDY LIPKIS With Kate Bunney Kate: Can you share a story of the moment you fell in love with water? Andy: When I first read this question, what came up was being at the Tinnemaha campground. I was preparing to go on a four day fast up in the White Mountains, above the Owens Valley. And Gigi Coyle,

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Water Walk – Virginia to North Carolina, USA

WATER WALK - VIRGINIA TO NORTH CAROLINA, USA By Crystal Cavalier-Keck I was born and raised in the rolling hills of the Piedmont area of North Carolina, roughly Northern Alamance County. My family is from this area spanning back 400 years, and before that we migrated from the Ohio valley region. Most of my family is Siouan, however due to

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The Cape Fear River Watch

THE CAPE FEAR RIVER WATCH By Audrey Dunn, Outreach & Programs Officer, Cape Fear River Watch When I first accepted an Environmental Education Americorps position at Cape Fear River Watch, I honestly didn’t know the first thing about the water quality of the Cape Fear River Basin. I just thought it would be fun and relaxing to move to the

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Hymn to the Atmosphere

HYMN TO THE ATMOSPHERE by Claire Peaslee Let us now praise skywater, its elemental dance. Hola, aloha, halo, high and hello. Let us sing (ashay) of the everlasting gush of micro droplets, rising… rising… on geysers of tropical air. Marvel at the massive mists that perpetually yield to a muscular lift of solar heat near our planet’s

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