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End of Year Letter & Financial Transparency

END OF YEAR LETTER & FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY Dear Friends,  We hope this finds you well as Winter approaches here in the Northern Hemisphere.  While Covid is still with us, Walking Water is emerging  from the pandemic with much learning about restorative rest and relational response. We have experienced a full year in so many ways: LA Walks of Resilience and

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LA Walks of Resilience and Accountability – 2

LA WALKS OF RESILIENCE AND ACCOUNTABILITY - 2 By Gigi Coyle Photos by Teena Pugliese On November 18th and 19th, 2022 Walking Water and the Owens Valley Indian Water Commission (OVIWC) co-hosted Walks of Resilience and Accountability along the LA river/Paayme Paxaayt and an evening with film and conversation at the Audubon Center at Debs park. We were grateful for

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From Home to Headwaters

FROM HOME TO HEADWATERS By Nina Gordon-Kirsch Photo by Theresa Martin, at Highland Lakes, Hungalelti-Washoe Land Roughly five years ago, a seed was planted in my chest that I had to walk to my headwaters (read more here from a previous WW newsletter) and use the journey to teach my high school students where their water comes from.

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LA Walks of Resilience and Accountability

LA WALKS OF RESILIENCE AND ACCOUNTABILITY After nearly 3 years of not holding walks due to the pandemic, we decided to begin our initiative Walks of Resilience and Accountability in Los Angeles, CA in partnership with the Owens Valley Indian Water Commission and members of the Tongva community. We walked with the acknowledgement that for both the Paiute and Tongva tribes

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Talking Water with Barbara Vlamis of AquAlliance and MaMuse.

TALKING WATER WITH BARBARA VLAMIS of AquAlliance and MaMuse Season 1, Episode 8 Our conversation focuses on the work of AquAlliance whose mission is to defend northern California waters and to challenge threats to the hydrologic health of the Northern Sacramento River watershed. We also receive some beautiful music from MaMuse including a song called 'River Under the River'

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Walking to the headwaters

WALKING TO THE HEADWATERS By Julia Maryanska 5 years ago, water protector, high school teacher and former Walking Water collaborator, Nina Gordon-Kirsch received a vision that she was meant to walk her waters – from the end use of her home in Oakland to the Headwaters. This Summer, she has made that a reality! Currently, she is halfway through her

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