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PATSIATA Kathy Bancroft "It's wonderful seeing Patsiata with all that water on it. I always visualize what it would look like with water. I've seen it once before in my lifetime, back in 1968/1969, it was about three-quarters full. But I don't think I appreciated it the way I appreciate it now, because we've worked so hard to try to

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LA Walks of Resilience and Accountability report – April 2023

LA WALKS OF RESILIENCE AND ACCOUNTABILITY REPORT - APRIL 2023 By The Walking Water Collective We just completed our third set of day walks in LA, in collaboration with the Owens Valley Indian Water Commission (OVIWC). We walked with many questions, including: What is our current focus? What is our responsibility to and for these  waters? How do we take

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Report of Dr. Rajendra Singh’s visit to Payahuunadü

REPORT OF RAJENDRA SINGH’S VISIT TO 3 CREEKS, PAYAHUUNADÜ By Gigi Coyle with Teena Pugliese Our intention at Walking Water and 3 Creeks continues to be to build support and deepen community around change called for in our world thru bringing the local and global water stories and peoples together. In February Dr. Rajendra Singh reached out to Gigi asking

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3 Creeks Statement

THREE CREEKS STATEMENT photo by Teena Pugliese On February 21st 2023, after many years of dreaming and listening for the future of Three Creeks, Gigi Coyle and Win Phelps transferred title of this 5 acre oasis to the Owens Valley Indian Water Commission, a tribal consortium of all 3 tribal nations in Payahuunadü. Together with core partners Teena

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End of Year Letter & Financial Transparency

END OF YEAR LETTER & FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY Dear Friends,  We hope this finds you well as Winter approaches here in the Northern Hemisphere.  While Covid is still with us, Walking Water is emerging  from the pandemic with much learning about restorative rest and relational response. We have experienced a full year in so many ways: LA Walks of Resilience and

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