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The Voice of a River

Listen to an inspiring interview between Mark Dubois and Claire Dubois, Founder and CEO of TreeSisters ... and Mark's wife. 40 years ago, after a decade of trying to stop his beloved Stanislaus River (California, USA) being dammed, Mark did something that blew open the hearts of people everywhere. He chained himself to the canyon floor, threw away the key

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Another City is Possible – Part 2 by Alan Bacock

On April 29, 2019, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti released goals for the city to have a sustainable future through a plan called LA’s Green New Deal.  LA’s Green New Deal is great news to share.  In this deal we can see that one of the most influential cities in the world is doing local actions to become more resilient

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Sacred Headwaters in B.C, Canada by Hana Bernardova

My name is Hana Bernardová and I come from the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe. I used to be a landscape architect, today I work as a translator, interpreter and I also cooperate with an organization called Foundation for Soil that aims to protect the agricultural land in Czechia. I am a passionate gardener and I love this

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Update on Patsiata/Owens Lake by Kathy Bancroft

Summer is arriving in Payahuunadü and the wildflowers have been amazing! Patsiata/Owens Lake is getting a break from major construction, but several smaller projects are beginning soon. Most of these projects pertain to making the dust control measures more efficient and controlling water from the runoff. We are still getting small amounts of rain and the warmer temperatures are melting

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The struggle for water in Cochabamba, Bolivia by Marcela Olivera

As I write this, we are facing difficult times in Bolivia and much of South America. Over the past two decades, we have removed bad governments, kicked out corporations and elected “progressive” governments. We also successfully waged the historic “Cochabamba Water War of 2000” that recovered our water from an international consortium. The people from Uruguay won the first battle

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