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Weaving Earth

WEAVING EARTH: OUR FISCAL SPONSOR AND PARTNER In the summer of 2015, delegates from Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education (WE) joined friends and allies on the Walking Water (WW) pilgrimage, a 300 mile journey by foot from Miwok, Mono and Paiute territories in the eastern Sierra Nevada to Tongva territory by the sea (Los Angeles, CA).  During the pilgrimage,

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In conversation with Felicia Marcus

IN CONVERSATION WITH FELICIA MARCUS with Kate Bunney We began with Felicia asking Kate the question of what’s next for Walking Water and how do we decide where the next pilgrimage might  be …. We began chatting about the Spirit with which  Walking Water works, the listening and asking for where to be … In California, in Payahuunadu (Owens Valley),

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Opportunities to Save Big Pine’s Water

OPPORTUNITIES TO SAVE BIG PINE'S WATER By Sally Manning A reliable water supply is essential to insure the future of a community in California.  This is certainly what Los Angeles (LA) was thinking about 100-plus years ago when in 1905 it claimed the Owens River for its city.  A question now to ask is:  What are the Big Pine Paiute

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A creative solution for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

A CREATIVE SOLUTION FOR THE WATER CRISIS IN FLINT, MICHIGAN By LaToya Ruby Frazier Artist LaToya Ruby Frazier spent five months living in Flint, Michigan, documenting the lives of those affected by the city's water crisis for her photo essay "Flint is Family." As the crisis dragged on, she realized it was going to take more than a series of

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Walking Waterhoods

WALKING WATERHOODS By Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty It can be a revelation to discover that wherever you are at any time, in any location – you’re located in a watershed. But what does that mean and why should we care? Most of us think the term “watershed” as a description of how water moves through a drainage basin - geography plus

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Interview with Ali Meders-Knight

INTERVIEW WITH ALI MEDERS-KNIGHT Can you share some of who you are and the work that you do? I’m a local Mechoopda Indian Tribal member, advocating for ecosystem health based on community land management. Importantly, I’m an activist who brings up historical knowledge of colonization and promotes decolonized education to local youth. My work centers around Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK),

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