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Report on Geography of Hope by Justine Epstein

Walking Water was invited to partner with Black Mountain Circle’s 2019 Geography of Hope as they expand from a one weekend conference to a year-long series of gatherings, pilgrimages, films, conversations and art exhibits that explore the theme of “Sacred in the Land.” This year’s conference, “Pilgrimage Redefined” gathered on March 16-17 in Point Reyes Station to explore the meaning of

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Interview with Kathy Bancroft

INTERVIEW WITH KATHY BANCROFT Kathy Bancroft is the tribal historic preservation officer of the Lone Paine Paiute Tribe and an advisor to Walking Water. She recently took some time to answer our questions. KATE - Can you say a little about you childhood and where you were born, and what is something you remember from your childhood? KATHY -

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We the Youth of Detroit

Please watch this short film about young people in Detroit raising awareness of water quality and water testing in the community. Roughly 28% of the US population are drinking contaminated water in any given year. These community initiatives run by We the People of Detroit are vital for the health of the next generations.

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Walking for Water in & through Stellenbosch

WALKING FOR WATER IN & THROUGH STELLENBOSCH The exploratory Eerste River Water Walk ended on a high note in Stellenbosch on Saturday, September 29. The event was warmly embraced as a celebration of the magnificence of Mother Nature and her lifegiving waters. This despite a tense atmosphere of political unrest, demonstrations and intimidation in the Jonkershoek area where the walk

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Crystal Geyser in Hot Water…

CRYSTAL GEYSER IN HOT WATER FOR SECRETLY DISPOSING OF ARSENIC-FILLED WASTE Desert Sun, July 24th 2018 Bottled water giant Crystal Geyser has been charged by a grand jury with 16 counts of violating environmental and hazardous waste laws, after the jury viewed evidence that the company improperly disposed of toxic waste, a Department of Justice press release said. According to

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