Summer is arriving in Payahuunadü and the wildflowers have been amazing!

Patsiata/Owens Lake is getting a break from major construction, but several smaller projects are beginning soon. Most of these projects pertain to making the dust control measures more efficient and controlling water from the runoff. We are still getting small amounts of rain and the warmer temperatures are melting the heavy snowpack we received this winter.

A positive part about the activity on Patsiata at this time is that LADWP and the Tribes are working together to make them happen in a minimal and less invasive manner. The communication between all agencies involved has greatly improved in recent times, creating a more holistic process with hopefully preferable solutions.

A scientific advisory panel has been formed to look into the available dust control measures and how they can be improved. A few of us were able to present our perspective on the Owens Lake Dust Mitigation Project so that western science wouldn't be the full focus in attaining a solution. It was very reassuring to know that they heard what we said and will seek our assistance in incorporating this into their recommendations.

All of us working together will result in more perfect solutions!