Listen to an inspiring interview between Mark Dubois and Claire Dubois, Founder and CEO of TreeSisters … and Mark’s wife.

40 years ago, after a decade of trying to stop his beloved Stanislaus River (California, USA) being dammed, Mark did something that blew open the hearts of people everywhere. He chained himself to the canyon floor, threw away the key and prepared to be drowned along with the 9 million years worth of evolution located there.

He put his life on the line for the river that he loved and the river that had taught him how to be a man. Anyone that knows Mark, knows the power of his incredible heart – a canyon of love cleaned out by the grief of losing his river. That love still flows in acts of pure service to all who see this world as sacred and are committed to humanity’s awakening.

You will hear lessons from the river, powerful perspectives for the time we’re in, and Mark’s personal journey both into and out of that crucial moment in his life.

Thank you Mark for the way you stand in the world …