By Alan Bacock

The Big Pine Paiute Tribe has been tending a garden over the past 7 years with help from various people including those from 3 Creeks, Beyond Boundaries, School of Lost Borders and Weaving Earth.  The Tribe has been placing water on the land, revitalizing the  soil and growing food to regain relations with land and water which were disrupted with the arrival of settlers and forcibly taken away with the exportation of water to Los Angeles.  In order to keep the work going the Tribe was able to get grants and sell the produce at the seasonal farmer’s market, but as the garden has continued year after year, it has been hard to find grants to keep things going.  In 2019 we started a volunteer approach since we did not have funds available for a gardener and we learned that there needed to be a volunteer coordinator in order to be successful at keeping the garden, seed saving, outreach elements alive.  The Tribe would be grateful to any and all that are desiring to partner with us financially or with your hands to continue in regaining good relations with land and water through the garden.

There is a projected annual budget now of 50k for 2020 and RockRiverFlowFund is working with us in hopes of  raising 10k from walkers and other friends before the years end in support.

The Tribe is not a 501c3, but for donation purposes can be used for a tax deduction. FYI “Tribes are to be treated “as State governments” for purposes of § 170 (c)(1) tax deductible contributions for public purposes.”

Please Send Gifts to: Big Pine Tribe, c/o Alan Bacock, PO Box 700, Big Pine, CA 93513 with garden in the memo.

Alan Bacock is water coordinator with the Big Pine Paiute Tribe and advisor to Walking Water.


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