RACISM, DROUGHT AND HISTORY: Young Native Americans fight back as water disappears

Gigi Coyle  recently traveled home to Payahuunadu, CA from the NW and decided to take more of the “back routes”  choosing Klamath Falls as where to stop … following the waterways, wanting to be near water for the Walking Water Conversation last week … There she came upon the protest below and listened to that side of the story, knowing well the difficult struggle for native rights and the water. The conflict witnessed is so very real, local and global and we suggest a read of  this recent LA Times article …

Los Angeles Times, June 23rd:

The Native Americans who have lived here for thousands of years say that a giant serpent once menaced them from the high desert hills that surround Upper Klamath Lake, a marshy expanse of water north of the Oregon-California border.

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