Dear Friends, 

We hope this finds you well as Winter approaches here in the Northern Hemisphere. 

While Covid is still with us, Walking Water is emerging  from the pandemic with much learning about restorative rest and relational response. We have experienced a full year in so many ways: LA Walks of Resilience and Accountability in Los Angeles, consultations for a number of organizations, publishing our Talking Water podcast, and deepening relations in North Carolina. In addition, we celebrate the ripples our work is having with walks in Israel/Palestine and Czechia, a solo walk in CA, and more …. If you are holding walks with water, please let us know, as we are always grateful to uplift and weave the tapestry of our global movement

At the same time, the impacts of climate change on the water situation around the world continues to worsen. We hear of many rivers and lakes increasingly going dry … many US rivers polluted with PFAS … the number of people, particularly Black, Brown and Indigenous, who do not have access to clean water all around the world. We remain dedicated in our commitment to water justice and regeneration, ever informed by our grief.  

Join us on Friday, December 16th @ 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern for an End of Year Review with the Walking Water team to bear witness to our work and mark the season of renewal with a prayer for water. Please register HERE

Financial Transparency: 

Walking Water has always valued and been committed to financial transparency and the flow of resources in a way that reimagines our agreements beyond capitalism and yet negotiates our embeddedness in it. In that spirit, we are writing to share where we are financially, and to ask for your support as we continue to respond to the call to serve waters and communities in many forms and places and weave our global movements.  

This year our budget was $72,000 – this has been made up of Kate’s coordinator salary ($46,000), LA Walks ($14,000) Talking Water ($2,000) and Administration, Website and Volunteer Expenses, Insurance, Supplies and Utilities ($10,000). We have received $73,000 in Grants from RSF, Namaste Foundation, LUSH Charity Pot and ARLA (total $46,000), our 3 year pledges (totaling $21,250) Individual Donors ($2,000) and Consultation & Event Donations ($3,750). We thank all who have contributed in all the ways to allow Walking Water to do what we do.

Looking Forward to 2023: 

We are planning 4 more day walks in Los Angeles, ‘Walks of Resilience and Accountability’ which we are collaborating with Owens Valley Indian Water Commission, year long Talking Water series, consultations with a number of organizations, and a new collaborative initiative called ‘Waters Becoming’ – an in depth exploration of our relationship with water through various themes (more details soon). And we will continue our consultations and support of individuals/projects that wish to hold walks and/or explore their relations with water.  

Our 2023 budget will be roughly $72,000. We are grateful for $47,000 in pledges, multi-year grant funding and consultations for this coming year. However, we are still in need of $25,000 to meet our budget. Are you able to support us in reaching that goal? There are a number of ways you can support Walking Water this coming year:

  1. Make a 3 year pledge of minimum $2,000 per year (If that’s you, write to [email protected])
  2. Offer volunteer hours if you are someone with technical skills (If that’s you, write to [email protected]
  3. Become a monthly contributor (If that’s you, go HERE)
  4. Join our End of Year Review with the full WW team on Dec 16th at 10am PST – All donations go towards our 2023 budget (If that’s you, go HERE)

We give gratitude for all the ways we each deepen our relations with water and support Walking Water. 

With the waters,

Kate, Krystyna, Justine and Rina 

The Walking Water Collective 


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